iSpring RCC7 Water Filter Review

iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Drinking water is essential for our health. Unfortunately, with all the environmental pollution and other unsavory consequences of the technological age we can’t really expect the tap water to be clean and safe for drinking. A good water filter is a must have for every home and as I’ve personally tried quite a number of them, I believe that the iSpring RCC7 is one of the best water filtering systems available. In this review, I’ll explain why exactly I believe this appliance stands out and why I’m perfectly sure it will help protect my family’s good health.

The iSpring RCC7 is a reverse osmosis (RO) filtering system which is both extremely effective and simple to use. In fact, it’s so simple, the DIY instruction will allow you to install it fast even if it’s your first time working with appliances of this kind. iSpring is one of the leaders in the area of filtering systems, and the 5-stage RCC7 is one of their most efficient models.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Water Filter

A water filter is a device that will directly affect the health of your family, so there is no taking risks with this one. I’ve studied dozens of guides and reviews of different water filters and studied how RO water filters work. I learned that the most important factors that determined the quality of an RO water filtering system include the filtration system design and efficiency as well as the overall water efficiency.


The iSpring RCC7 is equipped with a 5-stage filtering system that removes 98% of all contaminants in the water and makes it not only safe but also delicious. The water efficiency factor for this filter is one of the lowest available. Some systems today waste up to 6 gallons of water to produce one gallon of purified drinking liquid. The iSpring RCC7 only needs two and it can provide 75 gallons of purified water per day.

The iSpring water filters are built in the US from top-quality materials. The iSpring RCC7 is a comprehensive water purifying system that holds the WQA Gold Seal certification for NSF standard 58. It features most effective filtering technology combined with an attractive design.

Every part of the system is made from FDA-approved food-grade materials and has been independently tested to prove that it truly matches the high standard. Since I value my family’s health and safety above all else, I was looking for the filter I can really trust, and this American product is definitely it.

Some of its most outstanding features include:

  • A 5-stage filtering system that produces 75 gallons of clean water per day at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 psi.
  • An automatic shut-off valve that closes the tank when it’s full.
  • The iSpring RCC7 removes 98% of contaminants from the water including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, lead, drugs, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • NSF-certified filters including GAC carbon and CTO carbon.
  • With the device you get a lifetime phone and email support from the manufacturer.
  • A designer faucet that would look amazing in any modern kitchen.
iSpring RCC7 Stages

Pros of iSpring RCC7

I’ve read dozens of iSpring RCC7 reviews and the majority of people agree that this RO water filter is great. The quality of both the device itself and the water it produces are the frequently cited pros of this system. The ease of installation is another quality that many people commend. One doesn’t need to be an engineer or have some fancy tools in order to install this device quickly. The manufacturer provides a very detailed installation video and you can always get more tips from people who have already tried this system.

One of the reviewers has a marine aquarium and says this system is a must for everyone who shares this hobby. It produces RO water that is truly safe for any kind of fish as long as you mix in a sufficient amount of proper salt in it.

Cons of iSpring RCC7

No system is perfect, so even such a great reverse osmosis water filter like iSpring RCC7 has its cons. There used to be quite a few complaints about the leaks but in 2014 the manufacturer has revamped the construction completely and its quality increased as a result.

The only issues I’ve found so far by studying the reviews have to deal with people not understanding the instructions and therefore handling the installation correctly.


The iSpring RCC7 is not the only great RO water filter out there, but I believe it’s definitely one of the best. The filtering system is extremely efficient and carries the certificates necessary to prove it. It’s also extremely durable.

The designer faucet is a nice touch. It was this as well as the reasonable water efficiency rate that tipped the scales for me personally.


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